Hi, my name is Camila Rafaela Abud Fitzgibbon – born in Brazil, raised in the United States, and currently based in Montreal – my beloved home away from home for over 10 years now.

I like telling stories. I thought it might be nice to share a bit of mine.

I’m kind of new to this arts world. I dabbled with some dancing and drawing growing up, and directed my sisters in basement cabaret shows as a kid, but never really saw in my shy youth any creative aptitude that I believed someone would one day pay me money for.


My first dream was to become a soccer player. I went on to train with the U.S. Olympic Development Program and to play with the Seleção Estadual de Futsal of Brazil’s state of São Paulo, but hung up the pro cleats for the opportunity to pursue a life and education in Canada.

In my attempts at adulting, I got a college diploma in computer science, followed by a Bachelor's degree in business at Concordia University. Neither quite hit the passion mark, but both would become the foundation for one day creating Montreal Theatre Hub.

In 2015 I hit a personal rock bottom. What ensued was a 365-day healing project titled Year Beyond Fear in which I was committed to each day doing something which scared the f*ck out of me. From that challenge, I did my first ever audition for a theatre production at the age of 27, unexpectedly got cast, and then decided to go to acting school on a whim. I graduated from John Abbott's professional theatre program at the age of 30.


Time is precious to me, as I have often felt 'behind' in my journey. But if I've learned anything throughout all this existential stumbling is that it's never too late.

When not Doing, I enjoy Being by reading, running outdoors in subjectively hostile weather, and spending time with my cat.