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Interviews & Clippings

Interview with CKUT's Sarah Deshaies on creating and curating 'Voices from the Pandemic'

The Segal Centre's 'Moving Forward' panel discussion with Quebec theatre alumni

Interview with CTV's Christine Long on mental health during the pandemic

The Montrealer's article on 'Voices from the Pandemic'

Article on Geordie Theatre Festival

Interview with Ken Connors of CJAD 800AM Radio on 'Voices from the Pandemic'

Interview on CJAD 800 AM Radio's "Life Unrehearsed" on the state of the performing arts industry in 2020

Interview with CTV's Christine Long on "Brooklyn 99" and the representation of Latina actors in Quebec

Interview with La Scena's Pat Donnelly on "Blue Stockings"

Interview with Ritalissy on "Ark Genesis"

Interview with The Little Thespian Podcast on "The Fairies Are Thirsty"

Interview with The Montreal Gazette's Kathryn Greenaway on "Blue Stockings"

Interview with Anne-Marie St-Louis of L'effect de distanciation Podcast on "The Fairies Are Thirsty"

Interview with CJAD 800 Montreal's Life Unrehearsed on producing "9 to 5: The Musical"

Publication on Artistic Director apprenticeship with Tableau D’Hôte Theatre

Interview with Upstage's Sarah Deshaies on "Bath/Ory"

Interview with Poly Matos Gamer on "Ark Genesis"

Interview with EIG's William Botelo "Ark Genesis"

Interview for John Abbott Professional Theatre promo video

Interview with CKUT Upstage's Sarah Deshaies on "Bye Bye Birdie"


"Camila Fitzgibbon dans le rôle de Rosie brille de tous ses feux du début à la fin. Son jeu expressif et convaincant complète bien sa voix puissante et les nuances quand elle chante. Chacune de ses chansons est un délice avec sa voix assurée et qui sait raconter une histoire en chantant."


– Daniel Ouimet,

"Bye Bye Birdie" 

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